‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jackie Christie’s Daughters Beefing on Instagram


Jackie Christie may have a contentious relationship with her daughter Ta’Kari Lee, but this time, the “Basketball Wives” star isn’t at the center of the storm with her. Instead, it’s Christie’s daughter Chantel — whom she’s closer to — who is taking aim at Ta’Kari.

Ta’Kari, who was raised by her grandmother, had an interview with Hollywood Unlocked Wednesday, May 30 and went on air to discuss her relationship with Christie. She relayed a story about how her mother kicked her out of the property she was renting from her years ago with just a few hours notice, among other issues.

So when Ta’Kari apparently thought she and her sister were on good terms and wished her a public happy birthday, Chantel quickly told her what was what in the Instagram post above (swipe right).

“I’m not with the public shenanigans anymore, that’s why I’ve been quiet,” she said before blasting Ta’Kari for posting the message on IG instead of texting it. “I don’t have no ill wishes toward you but this ain’t genuine and you know that. You put this up for your followers and the blogs. So you can carry on this sad, sappy charade like nobody gives a f— about you, don’t want nothing to do with you etc.”

“I stopped f—ing with you off the strength of you and YOUR poor decisions,” Chantel continued. “Has nothing to do with Mom. … If I wanted to speak I would but the same way you don’t wanna forge a fake relationship with her, I don’t wanna forge a fake, ingenuine one with you. … Forgiveness is paramount. Moving forward is necessary. We only get one Mom. Bashing her in the media moves us forward in what way? It gives you public sympathy and support AND THEN WHAT?”

Chantel concluded that Ta’Kari should give her a call when she is prepared to “own up to the s— TAKARI has done. Not Jackie. TAKARI.”

“Until then, please don’t speak to me on the internet, or otherwise,” she said.”

Ta’Kari didn’t keep totally quiet, however.

She commented that she’s been sending Chantel texts and Snapchats for a year — which she said Chantel ignores — along with photos of her niece and nephews and also said she’d submit to her sister’s wishes.

Jackie Christie

And, she also wrote on her Instagram story that she “will always smile no matter what.”

jackie christie

In response to the family’s latest bout of airing out dirty laundry, several fans have given their two cents.

“They need to get it together but I do agree that Ta’Kari needs either to forgive or just forget life is too short for the bulls—. I hope someday soon they can get it right at least for the kids.”

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