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Fans Question Why Evelyn Lozada Can Forgive Jackie Christie But Not Tami Roman

Basketball Wives

(David Livingston/Getty Images/ Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for BET)

Evelyn Lozada forgiving “Basketball Wives” co-star Jackie Christie for their fiery fight last season has several fans began wondering why she can’t extend the same courtesy to Tami Roman.

On Monday night’s episode, Lozada accepted Christie’s invite to see her stage acting debut following a battle that erupted between the two women in season 6, when things came to a head after Christie called Lozada a b— in front of her daughter. After Christie told Lozada she read on the internet that Shaniece is a “build-a-whore,” the two got physical and had to be pulled away from one another.

But all those issues were put to rest when Lozada graciously obliged Christie’s request to see her on stage.

“A lot happened between Jackie and I,” Lozada said in a b-roll confessional. “But I feel like she’s trying to be a different person the last couple of months and I can only respect it.”

However, some fans wondered why the “Livin’ Lozada” star was unable to extend an olive branch to Tami Roman after she provided proof that it was Jennifer Williams who brought the rumor about Lozada sleeping with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex to the forefront. This even after Williams finally apologized to O’Neal for her part in the rumor after previously trying to blame Roman for asking her about it.

“So Evelyn can forgive Jackie for calling her daughter a build-a-hoe but still holding a grudge against Tami for a rumor her best friend made?!?! #BasketballWives.”

“Sooooo Evelyn can be cool with Jackie after she said they’ll never be cool again but she can’t let this beef with Tami go 🤔 #BasketballWives.”

“EVELYN IS GOING TO SUPPORT JACKIE’s event after she attacked her daughter but mad at tami 🤣🤣 girl stfu , that’s weird af #BasketballWives ass backwards.”

“Evelyn can forgive Jackie but not Tami? Really? At this point, she wanna be mad at Tami #BasketballWives.”

“So Evelyn can make strides with Jackie but not Tami? #BBWLA #BasketballWives.”

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