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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams Tries to Move Past the Drama as Fans Continue to Debate Rumor

As “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams began the new week, she urged fans to put the drama behind them — and she is too.

“It’s a new week, let’s all try and be great today and every day. Don’t let challenges, setbacks or mistakes keep you from reaching your goals. Happy Monday 💕.”

Williams had previously been blasted for being the source of drama on the VH1 reality series when she was outed as the source of a rumor that Shaunie O’Neal’s ex had sex with Evelyn Lozada.

Lozada denied the claim and Williams tried to pin the situation on Tami Roman, claiming she’s the one who asked her about it. Meanwhile, Roman alleged Williams brought it up to her on her own. Later, Roman sat down with O’Neal one on one and showed her a group text thread about the situation.

“‘Shaunie never got back to me ladies, we need Malaysia to drop a dime to her about her ex and that witch,’” O’Neal read of the messages. “‘You need proof and solid hardcore proof,’” she added of another’s response.

“Ugh, I know. Gotta nail her ass to the cross with this. With no resurrection.’” O’Neal read of what Williams texted back.

Williams ultimately apologized to O’Neal for the issue but it still may have led Malaysia Pargo to launch a table at her in the next half of the season.

Even still, fans commenting on the Instagram post continued to take sides on the matter.

“#TeamJennifer All Day every day.”

“I don’t even believe nobody started that rumor but her. Nobody asked her no s— like that. She was mad at Evelyn at the time and said she f—ed him. Somebody knock [sis] tf out plz n thx. Please, @malaysiainthecity.”

“Keep your head up Jen, I’ve always thought nice things about you from what I see on the show and I always will.”

“You’re TOO GOT DAMN OLD for the bulls–t smh find another check to get cause they got you out here looking stupid. Your mouth is too slick not to be ready to fight #GIRLBYE.”

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