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Snoop Dogg’s Wife Seemingly Supports Husband Despite Cheating Scandal

Snoop Dogg was a the center of a cheating scandal over the weekend and he’s only just now speaking out on the matter.

Celina Powell, fresh off of faking a pregnancy with Cardi B’s husband Offset, has now reportedly been involved with Snoop. She tweeted Sunday, June 15 the pair had sex to his gospel album and soon began airing out screenshots of a text exchange between the Instagram personality and the long-married Snoop.

Additionally, once the above post is swiped right, there is footage of the duo video chatting with each other as well as screenshots of the pair sending photos of themselves half dressed.

Meanwhile, fans kept up speculation on what was going on between Snoop and the self-named “Black Widow,” calling out the rapper for proclaiming Kanye West needs a Black woman in his life while he purportedly cheats on his.

“It’s funny though. Snoop Dogg is always telling Kanye West that he needs a Black woman but this is what he does to his Black queen? By cheating on her with Celina Powell lol.”

“Currently cracking up bc Celina keeps exposing these celebs and they clearly don’t care. Snoop Dogg is her target now lol. Damn Snoop lol u slippin’.”

“I thought the same thing. The issue isn’t just that he may be cheating. All of this is their business. Choices. But it’s how he chose to call out Kanye. On ‘The View’ all, ‘We gonna help him now.’ There’s that whole casting the first stone, that a whole lotta people forget.”

I took a little while, but Snoop finally appeared to respond to the scandal with two different Instagram posts.

One, posted Sunday, features him discussing a new show called “Clout Chasers,” the first episode of which will drop next week.

“I wanted to make something that was real relevant and real hood,” he says.

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New. Tv show comin soon. Clout chasers

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In another clip, the rapper let the music do the talking by cueing up Lyfe Jenning’s “Must Be Nice.”

“Even when your hustling days are gone, she’ll be by your side still holding on,” Snoop sings along. “Even when those twenties stop spinning and all those gold-digging women disappear, she’ll still be here.”

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Must be nice. Mood 🎶🎼☄️💕

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Fans commented on both posts referencing the cheating incident.

“U better go buy ya wife a BENTLEY she deserve it.”

“He foul lmaooooo.”

“Snoop dogg!!!! DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAA.”

All this as Snoop’s wife, Shante Broadus, posted a shot of her wedding ring on Instagram along with several other rings adorning her index finger.

“Thank You Julie 😍😘😍,” Broadus captioned the photo, to which Snoop replied, “That’s my work.”

Snoop Dogg

Fans were unsupportive of the gift, however.

“You and Tiny man……smh 😢😢😢.”

“@snoopdogg you’re a dogg @bosslady_ent we as Black woman deserve better!! Oncena cheater always a cheater!”

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Thank You Julie 😍😘😍

A post shared by Shante Monique Broadus (@bosslady_ent) on

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