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Snoop Dogg Accused of Cheating; Woman Exposes Photos and Videos

Snoop Dogg Cheating

Instagram, YouTube

Rapper Snoop Dogg is being accused of cheating on his wife of 21 years.

Instagram model Celina Powell posted some supposed messages between the two of them, as well as some video footage.

Powell is the same person who said she was pregnant with Offset’s baby earlier this year, then admitted that she lied about it. Plus, it’s been reported that Waka Flocka filed a restraining order against her.

In one video, you can see Snoop whispering to someone to “give him a minute,” but there’s no indication that he was telling that to Powell.

In another clip, a male voice that sounds like Snoop’s asks a woman to come over and perform a sexual act. There’s also a photo of “The Joker’s Wild” host with his shirt off and another video of him talking.

“Sorry, like, I’m in the middle of getting ready right now,” the female voice supposedly tells Snoop.

“Alight, do your thing,” he says back. “I’m not ready no way, so I’ll hit [you] when I’m ready.”

Powell also said the 46-year-old asked her to send him some photos and videos of herself.

“Alright, baby. I was super busy,” she said he wrote.

“It’s okay, love. I understand,” When [will I see you],” Powell wrote. Back. “I want you.”

“Send pics and video, baby. [I] want you,” allegedly wrote Snoop.

“I only have that one I sent you but I’ll take some now for you.”

After Powell exposed the messages and video, Snoop responded but didn’t mention her by name. Instead, the rapper said he’s starting a new television show called “Clout Chasers,” which seems to be a direct shot at her.

In addition, Powell took to Twitter and gave a reason why she started all of this. 

“Back in June, he and I were cool,” she wrote. “I wouldn’t have said sh– if he didn’t do some bullsh– three days ago … People do me so foul, but when I do something back I’m the bad guy. Y’all will see a whole different side of me soon.”

Eventually, folks on Twitter weighed in and some believed Powell’s claims and some didn’t.

“I just don’t understand why these dudes still f— with Celina Powell,” someone wrote.

“Did you notice every time this girl Celina Powell is exposing a rapper, you see her in the videos recording their FaceTime,” another person tweeted. “[She’s] ready from the jump with the exposing. #SnoopDogg, #Offsett, #Chiefkeef, #FettyWap.”

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