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Azealia Banks Wishes Death on Wendy Williams, ‘Have Another Stroke’

Azealia Banks Wendy Williams Dead


Azealia Banks posted an extremely harsh message about Wendy Williams after the talk show host spoke about her recent visit to “Wild ‘N Out.”

Just days ago, Banks slammed Nick Cannon’s MTV show and accused the cast of making colorist jokes, which made her cry. Later, the cast admitted to calling her ugly in a sketch but said they never brought up skin color. 

Cannon also shot back and suggested Banks was ill and wished her a “speedy recovery.”

Then, during her “Hot Topics” segment, Wendy said Banks should’ve known that people get roasted on the show based on its history. She also called the Harlem rapper an angry woman who’s ruining her career.

Afterwards, Wendy listed some of the celebrities that Banks fought with over the years like Cardi B, Remy Ma, Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Beyoncé, Russell Crowe, Skai Jackson and Kendrick Lamar.

“My thought about Azealia Banks, I don’t know her, but she seems to be smart but angry and her anger seems to be the problem,” said Wendy. “A lot of times people would rather work with second best who’s not so angry than first best. And I’m not familiar with her music. I’m just familiar with her anger.”

Some might say that Wendy took it easy on Banks and didn’t come down on her like she has other celebs. But that didn’t stop the rapper from responding on Instagram.

“OMG, can Wendy Williams have another stroke on TV and finally drop dead?” wrote Banks. “I would love to see her die on air.”

If you didn’t know, the rapper’s message has to do with a 2017 Halloween episode where Williams fainted on live TV.

Meanwhile, Banks was working on her new album “Fantasea II: The Second Wave” but shelved it after her “Wild ‘N Out” experience.

“Album is canceled,” she wrote on her Instagram story. “I need some time to relax and bounce on d–k. I’ll release new music when I feel like it.”

 You can hear what she had to say below at the 5:17 mark.

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