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Meghan McCain Nearly Pops a Blood Vessel While Going to Full Battle with ‘The View’ Panel

The View” co-host Megan McCain suffered a complete meltdown Friday as the talk-show panel devolved into complete chaos.

The drama unfolded when conservative guest co-host Tara Setmayer repeatedly described President Donald Trump’s supporters as members of a “cult.”

Please stop saying that!” McCain yelled, visibly frustrated. “You said that the last time you were here, it’s so redundant.”

Setmayer shot back by arguing, “there’s a large group of people who blindly follow what this man says, that don’t think for themselves … He can get away with saying things on tape and then calling it fake news! That is a cult!”

McCain, who said she’d never forgive Trump for comments he made about her ailing father, Sen. John McCain, clearly took offense to Setmayer’s comments, accusing the CNN political commentator of painting all Trump supporters with the same brush. At one point, she even scolded the audience for clapping when one of her co-hosts made a point. “Stop clapping!”

Despite McCain’s incessant yelling, Setmayer refused to back down.

“There’s a large group, including a lot of members of Congress, who have completely sold their principles down the river,” she said.

McCain’s on-air hissy fit has only exacerbated viewer demands for her removal from the daytime talk show.

Watch more of their exchange above.

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