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Meghan McCain’s Temper Tantrums Has Viewers Ready to Boycott ‘The View’

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain joined “The View” in October 2017, but viewers still haven’t warmed up to her. (The View/video screenshot)

Meghan McCain’s takes on “The View” has some folks ready to boycott the show altogether. Viewers are simply fed up.

Dubbed the talk show’s antagonist, McCain’s conservative talking points and on-air hissy fits have rubbed many viewers the wrong way ever since she joined the show in October. Viewers have expressed sheer disdain for the way she constantly name drops her father, Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, fiercely defends President Donald Trump and his followers and how she rolls her eyes and lets out a passive aggressive sign when her co-hosts happen to disagree with her.

Just last week, the former Fox News contributor bumped heads with longtime co-host and comedienne Whoopi Goldberg when she purported to know more about poverty because she’s visited and spoken with poor whites in their communities versus Goldberg, who actually grew up in poverty.

“Some of this is about race,” McCain argued. “I think we can concede this, but a lot of this is about poverty — which again, seems to be missed in the mainstream media. When you are living in a tiny town in America and your coal mine or steel mine went under, and an opiate addiction is raging in your town, and you can’t pay your insurance and you cannot pay –”

“It sounds like Black people, you know?” Goldberg interjected. ” …  I know what you were trying to do. I get it. That’s why I said it with a smile because people — poor people are everywhere. It’s not just whites.”

Their on-air tiff seemed to be the final straw for many viewers, who’ve been sick of McCain for some time now. Some took to Twitter last week to implore the network to boot her from the show — or lose viewership.

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