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Tami Roman Shuts Down Rumors That She’s Done with ‘Basketball Wives’

Tami Roman

(Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman effectively shut down the notion that she won’t be coming back for the next season of the VH1 reality show.

On Twitter, Roman said, “Let me address ALL of your tweets…whew you got a lot of time. Here goes, sick of me – ok, leaving show-nope, booked & busy – yup but I need all my checks. I got bills. Have a wonderful day & rest your fingers 💋.”

Earlier this week, fans thought that Roman’s burgeoning acting career might make her too busy to take on her BBW co-stars for an eighth season.

“She got better opportunities now.”

“She got her own show with her family.”

“I think she is. I don’t think she’s that booked or busy @mzrosas 😂.”

But if Roman were to leave the show, it wouldn’t be all that surprising considering a tearful confession to co-star, Jackie Christie.

After the drama surrounding her involvement with a rumor about Evelyn Lozada sleeping with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex, Roman took aim at Lozada, who accused her of lying, and claimed the “Livin’ Lozada” star lied on her ex-husband Chad Johnson.

“You know you was fighting that man,” Roman charged. “You were having all kinda issues all along. But because the neighbors saw … now you wanna be the domestic violence spokesperson.”

She explained further to Christie in the latest episode.

“We had a conversation many years ago where that woman said it was an accident,” Roman said. “So don’t sit up and pretend you’re the victim when you know it was a fraudulent situation. … He accidentally [headbutted her] because they were tussling with each other. The neighbors saw and they called the cops and had they not done that, she would still be with Chad.”

Roman then said she was only ever trying to be the ladies’ friend.

“I always tried to be down and be quiet and stick around and hang in there,” she says tearfully. “Support Shanuie, support them b—hes makeup, do whatever’s necessary and I’m tired.”


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