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T.I. and Tiny Are Trading Parenting Duties Amid Cheating Scandal

Tiny and T.I. haven’t let the rapper’s cheating ways stop them from co-parenting their children. That was evidenced in a Wednesday Instagram post about the spouses’ youngest daughter Heiress.

“Yesterday was my baby’s 1st day at swim lessons with the famous @justusswimkids she did good at first then she cried for me the rest of the lesson,” Tiny captioned her post from the 2-year-old’s July 10 dip in the pool. “Hope she does better with her daddy @troubleman31 today. #SheTurnsIntoABabyWhenSheSeeMe #ShesAWaterBabyTho #LikeHerMama 🙏🏽👑💜💦.”

It’s the first time in weeks that Tiny has directly addressed her husband, who was caught on video last month tapping the rear end of “Greenleaf” actress Asia’h Epperson.

Previously, Tiny would only seem to address her husband of nearly eight years in passive-aggressive Instagram posts, especially those relating to her zodiac sign, which is cancer.

“Cancer: You’ve always sort of known you were made for great things,” one post read. “People will never know the inner turmoil that you deal with on a daily basis no matter how tough you may seem.”

“When you want to give up (on your Dreams, Career, Marriage, Children, Family, Job, God, Christianity, on your Purpose or whatever it may be you want to give up on…),” another one from Monday said. “Remember why you started!!!”

Meanwhile, fans have been gushing over Heiress’ swimming skills.

“Good job Heiress! A little fish already🐠 So smart. 👑.”

“The fact that she went under water like that is impressive. 😉.”

“Good job👏👏👏. I could tell though after the second dip, she had enough for one day…try again another day. She still was amazing and as usual tiny was right there😍😘👑👑❤❤❤.”

“I grew up being scared to get in a pool because I can’t swim. I’m glad to see these kids learning to swim at an early age.”

“She’s doing so good for her age. My granddaughter can’t stand her face getting underwater like that.”


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