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Tiny’s Latest Post Indicates She Might Not be Willing to Walk Away from T.I. Anytime Soon


(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

T.I. has apparently continued his affair with Asia’h Epperson, which seems to still have his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris in her feelings. As such, she continues to express herself on her Instagram Story.

Keeping up with the trend of using her zodiac sign to speak for her, the Xscape singer posted on the social networking service on Monday, July 10 with two messages.

“Cancer: You’ve always sort of known you were made for great things. People will never know the inner turmoil that you deal with on a daily basis no matter how tough you may seem.”

Tiny, known on Instagram by her handle @majorgirl, seemed to punctuate the message by writing, “#TooTru♋💦.”

The other memo read, “When you want to give up (on your Dreams, Career, Marriage, Children, Family, Job, God, Christianity, on your Purpose or whatever it may be you want to give up on…) Remember why you started!!!”

Tiny also may have shown her support for the above message with the emoji, “✊🏾♋.”


This is just the latest subliminal message Tiny has apparently issued to her husband after he was caught slapping Epperson’s rear end backstage last month.

A week ago, she posted on her IG story, “Cancer is never a second option. You either choose them or you f—ing lose them.”

Earlier this week, a club promotional company posted a photo with T.I. at one of its venues, appearing to be posted up with Epperson not too far behind him. Although a dispute emerged over how old the photo is, it seems the rapper is showing no signs of parting ways with the “Greenleaf” actress.

In the meantime, Tiny has been said to be partying it up with young rappers in Atlanta until the wee hours of the morning and is leaning on her friend Tamar Braxton for support.

And divorce isn’t off the table, either, despite her cancer sign IG story post.

“Tiny is seriously considering giving T.I. his walking papers for good and refiling for divorce,” one of Tiny’s friends blabbed to HollywoodLife. “Tiny is hurt and humiliated and embarrassed. She thinks T.I. is in the wrong and needs to stop all the nonsense; he is setting a bad example for his kids.”


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