Cardi B Is Over Being Pregnant, Ready to Meet Her Baby Girl

Cardi B has been happily flaunting her pregnancy ever since she announced it officially earlier this year, but now, she’s ready to meet her baby.

The “I Like It” rapper posted a throwback photo of her and husband Offset cozied up on a peacock chair at the former reality star’s baby shower in June. Cardi’s mom snapped the pic of the Migos member with his hand on his wife’s belly.

In the comments, Tameka “Tiny” Harris speculated the baby girl might arrive on her birthday – or “G day” as the Xscape singer put it.

“She might come on G day 7/14… Many Blessings to u two,” Tiny commented.

“Hopefully sooner,” Cardi B replied.

Cardi B

Cardi has been open about her experiences with pregnancy, constantly tweeting updates about how she’s feeling and what she’s thinking. She recently shared that despite rumors to the contrary, she was not in labor, but rather, at home watching a movie.

“I’m at home watching ‘IT’,” she tweeted.

That morning, she shared, “Last night was the worst night ever 😪😪😓. This last month of pregnancy is hell 😰.”

And all the while, she’s still showing no signs of slowing down.

“Ebro told me to exercise and walk so my baby can come out easier but I can’t even put lotion on my legs with out feeling huffy and puffy 😩😩,” she tweeted Saturday, July 7. “I’m going to try my best to at least walk 5 blocks today!! After this photo shoot of course ❤❤.”

If she can’t get a walk in, she might be able to muster the strength to have herself a twerk session as the singer is known for busting a move throughout her pregnancy, something she put on full display during her Coachella performance back in April.

The performance was a hit with fans at the time.

“Hands down the highlight of Coachella was seeing lil prego Cardi twerk on Offset during ‘Motorsport.'”

“To be honest, watching a very swollen and pregnant Cardi B twerk fervently while the sun softly sets over the Coachella field basking it in a warm glow is a poetic and transformative experience..”



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