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‘LHHATL’ Reunion Spirals Out of Control After Erica Mena Threatens to Slap Stevie J

The bad blood between Erica Mena and Stevie J. continued after the model threatened to physically attack the music producer on stage in the midst of the “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion.

Mena and Stevie J. keep throwing jabs at one another and it doesn’t look like they’ll be making up anytime soon. The “Hitman” was given the chance to address the remarks Mena made about him during season 7 on the reality show. Mena called him a manipulator, a womanizer and a b***h. Host Nina Parker gave Stevie an opportunity to clear his name, but the conversation led to a full throttle face-off between he and Mena.

Mena accused Stevie of treating women poorly and said it’s been “documented for years and we’ve all watched it.”

Stevie responded back and said she was in “hibernation in NY” and that she should be “kissing my feet” for giving her a storyline on the show. The model shot back and said his girlfriend of 13 years, Mimi Faust became strictly “lesbian” because of him.

The two continued to take cheap shots at each other and then things quickly spiraled out of control the moment Stevie J. called Mena a “b**ch” and told her to “shut-up.”

Mena threatened to slap Stevie in his face and leaped up from the couch. Security bum-rushed her before the incident went any further.

However, months ago the music producer was accused of physically attacking Mena during the taping of the reunion. She recorded an Instagram Live video saying, “He likes to fight females… If you blogs want to blog about anything, blog about the fact the Stevie J. is a b**ch, and he likes to fight girls.”

Following the altercation and taping of the reunion the two currently continue to duke it on social media and take subtle jabs at one another. Stevie J was allegedly fired from the reality show because of the altercation.

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