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Stevie J. Accused of Assaulting Erica Mena During Taping of ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Reunion


Word has it that Stevie J. physically attacked Erica Mena at the taping of the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reunion on Thursday night (June 7).

The rumored fight comes after they’ve been at odds all season because Erica accused Stevie of mentally abusing her good friend Estelita.

According to Mena, who made a post about the incident then deleted it, the former Bad Boy producer used a gay slur towards her son King and she said something back. 

“He likes to fight females,” she said. “If you blogs want to blog about anything, blog about the fact the Stevie J. is a bitch, and he likes to fight girls.”

Another witness came forward and said Mena slapped him after he insulted her son and that’s when the alleged fight began. That same person also said security had to pull the 46-year-old off the New York native and was then asked to leave the building.

Because of this incident, Stevie is reportedly on the brink of getting fired from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,”  the final call will be made after an investigation. He’s been banned from attending any future events related to the series.

Stevie hasn’t spoken out about any of this yet, but people have already left nasty messages on his Instagram page.

“Damn, you hitting girls and calling people kids gay?” one person wrote. “How you gonna pay your child support now? Should’ve just let Joseline be your wife.”

The show’s creator Mona Scott has yet to comment on any of this either and as of now, Stevie J.’s image is still on the show’s official website

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