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Chad Johnson to Avoid Jail for Headbutting Evelyn Lozada

Former football star Chad Johnson reportedly has reached a plea deal that will allow him to avoid serving time in jail for his headbutt of ex-wife Evelyn Lozada last month, according to TMZ.

Johnson and his attorneys struck a deal with prosecutors that will put him on probation and force him to complete extensive anger management counseling. In exchange, Johnson has to plead guilty or no contest. He was charged with misdemeanor battery for the assault. He initially pleaded not guilty after his arrest.

He also agreed to cease all contact with Evelyn—called a no-contact order.

A judge will sign off on the deal at a hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

The deal comes a day after Chad and Evelyn’s divorce was finalized. Lozada, 36, filed for divorce on August 14, less than 50 days after the couple had exchanged vows, after the headbutt.

Lozada allegedly confronted Johnson over a receipt for a box of condoms, which led to him assaulting her. Johnson was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery, and Lozada, the reality television star, had to receive stitches.

Less than 48 hours later, the Miami Dolphins released Johnson, a former Pro Bowler and “Dancing with the Stars” contestant, from his NFL contract.

Several weeks ago Johnson, 34, had expressed that he was still hoping to reconcile his marriage. The pair did share a prenuptial agreement, which includes an agreement that both sides would pay their own legal fees in the event of divorce.

“He’s a good guy that made a bad choice. He loves football and he’s very driven and a great dad. He made a bad choice that destroyed his life, and I hate that I’m connected to that,” Lozada said of Johnson during an appearance on Nightline. “I still love him. I feel bad for him because his life is now a mess.”

Johnson alluded to the anger management classes in an interview on Showtime’s Inside the NFL.

“I’m trying to find out how can I channel my anger when I’m in situations to where I would pop off,” he said. “How can I diffuse those situations, trigger points? Right now I need to work on Chad. I had an altercation with my wife. I take full responsibility for it. I apologize for it. I’m human and I made a mistake.”

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