K. Michelle Called a ‘Hypocrite’ for Appearing to Chime In on Azealia Banks’ Beef with Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was the target of Azealia Banks’ wrath recently and former “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star K. Michelle appears to have chimed in on the matter.

Apparently, Banks took issue with Minaj’s new post teasing her video for “Bed,” since the MC is donning a mermaid costume.

“Chicken of the sea, sis. Stay in your own lane. @nickiminaj lol you running out of ideas girl. #TREASUREISLAND,” Banks said in a now-deleted Instagram post Thursday, July 5.

Banks’ problem stems from her also appearing as a mermaid in her new release, “Treasure Island.” As such, Banks took her issues with Minaj’s Ariana Grande-featuring video to Twitter, further blasting the star on the platform.

“Why does Nicki Minaj have to be so damn corny. Like sometimes it’s just like sis!!!!!! Find some art!!! Please!! Lol.

“It’s giving canned tuna sis. Your hips and booty too big for that mermaid tail lol. She tried it though… that’s cute,” she said in another tweet.

Then, a Twitter user reminded Banks she “was begging for a feature” with Minaj and Banks said, “Nah she can keep it now. She’s giving me aunty chicken of the sea tuna in a can baked potato vibes. I’m good on it now bye barbz.”

azealia banks nicki minaj

Elsewhere in her Twitter rant, Banks accused Minaj of stealing the music video direction for “Treasure Island” to use for her new song.

“How you gonna get in bed with no legs, sis?” she said after making the accusation.

azealia banks nicki minaj

While Minaj has stayed silent on Banks, R&B star K. Michelle appears to have chimed in on the rappers’ beef.

“Call me soft, but I don’t like to see people tearing down a Black woman, especially one who has fought to be successful. I could hold hate in my heart, but 4sum reason I can’t today. Black women don’t get 2b in the industry let alone dominate,” she tweeted Thursday night.

“This isn’t about taking sides either, it’s about how quickly we turn our back on our own,” she added in another post.

And while some of Michelle’s fans praised her, a few called her out for her past beefs with other Black women, like Tamar Braxton.

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