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K. Michelle and Tamar Braxton Get Into Heated Exchange on Social Media After Plastic Surgery Comments

Tamar Braxton and K. Michelle’s years-old feud may be starting up again after Braxton discussed her fellow singer’s illegal butt injections. Michelle didn’t take kindly to the “Love & War” singers diss and promptly hit back on Twitter.

“You do have to do your research but you can’t be thinking you gon go have plastic surgery on a Groupon,” Braxton says on “Steve” Tuesday, April 17. “Ain’t no plastic surgery on sale. And if it’s on sale, nine times out of 10 you’re not supposed to get it from the person that’s having a sale on liposuction.”

A day later, Michelle, who has been public about the health issues her illegal injections have caused, tweeted, “You so-called paid all that money and your nose is still doing the Gangsta lean😇.”

Then, Braxton’s “Tamar & Vince” reality show Twitter account posted a couple of clapbacks. It also implored Michelle to watch the complete clip to see that she was not mentioned. However, host Steve Harvey introduced the segment by mentioning Michelle’s appearance on his show where she discussed her illegal injection removal.

Michelle later tweeted she was “going back to heal and mind my own business like I always do, not bothering anybody!” continuing to recover from a follow-up surgery that has her continuing to relearn how to walk.

But by Thursday, April 19, Michelle still had the apparent diss on her mind.

“I woke up this morning excited about seeing my family,” she tweeted. “Yesterday it was just shocking to me how a person can continue to take shots at a person after years for no reason even when their very own life is in shambles. I then realize the head and heart are just miserable.”

The singer added, “Never bask in the distress of others but know that karma has and will bring them to their feet.”

The drama between the two stars began in 2013 when Braxton tweeted of Michelle’s former “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” storyline, “Oh have fun and let this girl sell her fairytale.” That message apparently referenced the LHHA star’s abuse allegations toward an ex-boyfriend whose wife Braxton is friends with. After several exchanges, Braxton sent K. Michelle a cease and desist letter.

Things seem to cool down when the pair put their differences aside in 2015 during a duet at the BET Awards. But three years later, “Love and Hip Hop” star isn’t making nice with Braxton.

Now, fans have begun taking sides.

“@kmichelle I’m glad you woke up feeling good and refreshed,” said one of Michelle’s followers. “You are beautiful as f—. A TRUE BOSS! You OWN your house. you OWN your own restaurant. You DAMN near own a network. These girls envy what they can’t have or tried to have. I love you oh so much! My inspiration!

“Seriously Tamar I know you and @kmichelle take shots at each other..but I love you both..and this is no laughing or joking matter,” a mutual party said. “And I’m not sure what you got going on that you would continue to kick someone at one of their lowest points! I’m a huge fan of both you guys! #STOP.”

“And Tay wasn’t referring to her!!” a Braxton follower said. “Steve came back and said do you think ‘WOMEN in particular are willing to take that risk and go under the knife!!!'”






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