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K. Michelle Quits LHHH and Goes on Epic Rant About Lying Men

k. michelle

(Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

K. Michelle just joined the cast of Vh1’s “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” in February and four months later, she says she’s no longer part of the cast.

The singer tweeted Monday, June 18 that she won’t be on the reality show after all, blaming producers who get so lost in storylines they “[lose] the truth.”

“I quit already,” she said in part. “They reach so much they loose [sic] the truth. I’m cool.”

“@kmichelle ummm anyone is going to acknowledge my bff will be back on lhhh or nah ???? Or was I tripping 😐. 💜🦋” another Twitter user asked the star.

“I’m not love. Done, done,” she replied.

She doubled down on that when another fan asked her about appearing in a promo for the upcoming season.

“F— that commercial. Done, done.”

As for LHHH, K’s time on the show got off to a rough start when she began beefing with castmembers Lyrica and her husband A1.

“Please call petty wap. I know he broke a nail. He is mad at me genuinely because I offered a great manicurist who is reasonably available to him. Lil A1 sauce mad cause he don’t got the drip!” she tweeted back in February.

A1 and Lyrica hit back at the time.

And Michelle appears to still be heated over Lyrica, as fans suspect tweets about “That b—” and “All them b—-es! Created a monster” are about her and the LHHH producers.

Meanwhile, Michelle hasn’t just dropped LHHH but Dr. Kastan Sims, the dentist she had been dating, too.

She fired off a series of tweets lashing out at men who are dishonest.

“I just can’t take an innocent fake victim,” she tweeted before adding, “I’ll cheat.”

“Sit there like I did something wrong when you know you did it. That’s a different type sick liar to lie to their own mother,” she said in a separate post.

Fans chimed in on the singer’s latest life updates accordingly.

“GIRL! speak on that! you can have all@the receipts in the world, and a confession, and you’re still a liar. I just finally gave up.”

“Omg yes. I hate somebody that creates the problem they know they were wrong but flip the script on you like u the bad guy 🤦🏽‍♀️😂.”

“Sis said she done that means she done. T.V. lie all the time.”

“Awe man I thought I was finna see u boo 😭.”

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