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Jennifer Williams Refuses to Accept Responsibility In Shaunie O’Neal Saga, Blames Tami for ‘Reeling’ Her In

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Jennifer Williams is chiming in on the recent explosive episode of “Basketball Wives” and she claims Tami Roman wasn’t being totally truthful when she revealed text messages about the rumor surrounding Shaunie O’Neal’s ex and Evelyn Lozada.

During the episode, Roman showed screenshots to O’Neal about what Williams discussed on a group text thread, which was that one of the BBW executive producer’s exes slept with Lozada.

“‘Shaunie never got back to me ladies, we need Malaysia to drop a dime to her about her ex and that witch,’” O’Neal read from the thread. “‘You need proof and solid hardcore proof,’” she added of another’s response.

“Ugh, I know. Gotta nail her ass to the cross with this. With no resurrection.’” O’Neal read of what Williams said in response.

A day after the episode’s Monday airing, Williams took to Twitter to explain her side of things.

“First thing, hmmm Malaysia’s name is not in our text chain about dropping the bug… lies!!! I screenshot these texts to Evelyn… #BasketballWives,” she tweeted Tuesday, July 3 before adding, “And Tami needs to stop acting like that was the first convo about it… SMH!! Just wow… #BasketballWives.”

“The whole thing started when Tami called me up telling me a bunch of s— Evelyn supposedly was doing to me… And that’s how she reeled me in!” Williams said in a follow-up tweet, effectively casting doubt on Roman’s earlier claim that it was Williams who initiated the rumor chatter.

In a prior episode, Williams and the “Bonnet Chronicles” creator got into it over who brought the rumor to whom. Williams insisted that Roman asked about it and Roman maintained Williams told her the rumor without her asking about it.

“I just gotta laugh, because I know the real story…. #BasketballWives,” Williams tweeted Tuesday.

Then, when a fan told her she should “learn” and “grow” from the “bad decisions” she made when she was angry, Williams agreed but noted, “when people prey on making you mad that’s a different story.”

However, fans weren’t exactly buying it.

“How can someone prey on making u mad? Where is your willpower to walk away or not engage no matter the situation You have choices you can’t blame others for your choices on a reaction that you did or said, Jenn.”

“This was really messy…I believe in owning up to what you do, no matter who brought it to your attention. You did it and there is proof and no shade Jennifer because I really like you on the show but this season they have you looking messy boots, girl.”

“The truth conveys while a lie convinces. The fact that this is days later and you are still trying to deflect all the blame on @TamiRoman is very telling. Just own what you did. No one will fault you for it because Evelyn did you just as dirty. It’s ok.”

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