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Stevie J and Sean Garrett Get Into a Heated Altercation Amid Erica Mena Beef

On Monday’s final episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” things got quite intense between Stevie J and music producer Sean Garrett.

The beef started between the two after Erica Mena and Stevie J’s daughter Savannah Jordan almost duked it out at a music event last episode. The “good guy” claimed the reason Mena called him a b**ch in his direct messages is because of Garrett.

Stevie said he asked Garrett if the model could “sing” and the “Look On Your Face” producer allegedly went back and told Mena that Stevie said she couldn’t sing.

During Jessica Dime and her fiancé Shawne Willams’ baby shower, the “hitman” decided to confront Garrett about his role in the Mena beef. Stevie approached the music producer and said, “You’re the only person who could have told her.”

Garrett instantly became defensive and told Stevie, “You already know what time it is playboy.”

The two continued in a verbal sparring match until security stepped in to hold them back. Stevie J remained while Garrett was escorted out of the building.

Viewers slammed both Stevie J and Sean Garrett for being in the wrong and for their behavior at Dime’s baby shower.

One person said, “So, Sean went to tattle to Erica? Irrelevant ass just wants to be in the mix and get another spot on the next season. No one knows you.”

Another person wrote, “So Stevie J wants to address Sean at Dime’s baby shower. That’s beyond disrespectful.”

One viewer said, “Um Sean was doing too much. He was talking slick out the neck from the time Stevie addressed him.”

The beef between Garrett and Stevie eventually formed a war among the “good guy” and Mena. It’s been reported that the model and the “LHHATL” reality star got into an altercation at the reunion taping. However, fans are also speculating whether or not Garrett and Stevie will also square off when they meet again.

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