Sparks Fly as ‘LHHA’ Rasheeda Frost Comes Face to Face with Kirk’s Baby Mama

After dodging the woman who threatened her marriage for a while, Rasheeda Frost finally confronted husband Kirk Frost’s baby mama.

Jasmine Bleu had a lengthy affair with Kirk that resulted in her becoming pregnant with their son, Kannon. Bleu, who posted Kannon and Kirk and Rasheeda’s son Karter on Instagram to show his likeness to Kannon, was so convinced that the boy was Kirk’s that she sued him for child support. During the season, however, Kirk confirmed through a paternity test that the baby was his.

While Rasheeda was devastated by the affair and the notion that Kirk had a child from the fling, she acknowledged the child didn’t ask to be put in such a situation. Still, the revelation stalled the spouses’ reconciliation and Rasheeda avoided Bleu at all costs.

But that ended on Monday’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” when Jasmine showed up at the opening of her new “Pressed” boutique in Houston.

“You need to have whatever conversation you need to have with [Kirk] because at the end of the day on some real s— you a f—ed up individual for doing what you did,” Rasheeda says on the June 4 episode. “I’m not even talking about the whole f—ing around s—. “All these games with these blogs — you posted child on Instagram that type of s— right there that s— is a no-go. Your malicious ass ways I can’t respect that on any level.”

In reaction to the bold confrontation, many fans chimed in.

“She explained to the girl exactly what she needed to know! F— out my face and worry about yours not mine! Class and grace …. Rasheeda is on the Forbes list! And this dusty gutter rate got a child support check! Girl bye! 🌪🙌🏼.”

“Str8 like dat! Had [sis] on mute.”

“Everybody keep saying Rasheeda was a boss for this, b—- this fake s— is more [scripted than] movies. Stfu.”

“Please @vh1 don’t have them on next season. This s— was whack af.”

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