Jennifer Williams Admits She Told Tami Roman Secret About Shaunie O’Neal’s Ex Sleeping with Evelyn

Jennifer Wiliams is expressing regret over her involvement in disclosing a hurtful rumor about Shaunie O’Neal.

The “Basketball Wives” star on this week’s episode was caught in the middle of a so-called positive retreat put on by Tami Roman, who had earlier hinted to O’Neal that she knew about something that “might affect you.”

The rumor? Roman learned from Williams that one of O’Neal’s exes cheated on her with Evelyn Lozada, something Roman and Williams debated about which one of them brought it up last year on the show.

Even still, Roman put the responsibility on Williams to tell O’Neal the claim, which Lozada vehemently denied.

Williams wasn’t watching the show live to chime in as the events unfolded on air but she sounded off on Twitter after the fact. When she did, she effectively blamed Roman for stirring the pot and expressed regret for ever getting involved.

“I haven’t watched #BasketballWives yet however I will say this, I should have never participated in some BS regardless of how upset I was at Evelyn,” Williams tweeted Tuesday, June 26.

“Second thing is this… NO ONE is innocent in s— that has transpired over the years… #BasketballWives,” she said in another post before adding, “Tami knew what she was orchestrating behind the scenes, to stir BS!!”

And Williams wasn’t stopping there. When a fan said she wished Williams would have handled things another way.

“Girl I wish you would have already told Evelyn the news so you could have turned around like, ‘Girl we talked about this already!'” the Instagram user said. “Everyone says mean things about one another when they fall out period. You’re human. Tami can’t stand to see y’all back cool cause she hate Evelyn that much.”

“@pocahunit89 there was no news because there was no facts. Someone told me this years ago. Tami and I talked about it last year, there was no proof so I never thought about it again. You can’t bring this to someone with no facts but I guess that went out the window… I’m [guilty] of having the conversation and I take responsibility for that!”

jennifer williams

In response, fans chimed in on the matter.

“B—- you said Tami asked you about it so how tf you gonna say someone told you and you and Tami talked about it😂😂😂😂.”

“Taking full responsibility should’ve been when you reunited with Evelyn.”

“So she told Tami and with them (Shaunie and Jen) being half ass friends to Tami, Tami isn’t obligated to say shit to anyone.”

“I’m riding with Jen. Messy or not, she wasn’t at the store stirring the pot with Shaunie…leaving Shaunie thinking about it what the hell was going on. Tami knew what she was doing. Pinning all 3 against each other. #fakefriendsfrfr.”

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