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Fans Roast ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Star Rachel Leigh and Wants Her Kicked Off the Show

The girlfriend of Chicago tattoo artist Ryan Henry is becoming the least favorable on “Black Ink Crew Chicago”.

During last weeks episode, Rachel Leigh along with Henry was confronted by former “9MAG” employees Van Johnson and Charmaine Walker at a tattoo convention.

As soon as Walker approached the couple Leigh yelled out, “The b***h is here.”

She continued, ” I don’t give a f**k about what he did, this is my family and you don’t f**k with him and I don’t f**k with you.” However, fans were quite annoyed with Leigh’s attitude and wanted to know where “all of this energy is coming from?”

One person wrote, “Rachel doing tooooo much.”

Another fan said, “That girl always wanna make herself relevant.”

A third person added, “Rachel got a lot to say nowadays I can’t stand her Keep ya 👀👀 on her.”

Last season Leigh found out that Henry cheated on her with one of his former employees Katrina Jackson who revealed that the two had sexual relations in 2016 in a bathroom. The pair apparently were still communicating and texting although he was still coupled with Leigh.

Henry and the mother of his children flipped out on VH1’s film and production crew when they aired the cheating scandal on television that brought Jackson and Leigh face to face. Leigh still stayed by her boyfriend’s side despite his infidelity.

Henry’s girlfriend is also the mother of singer Jeremih’s son and shares children with the Chicago tattoo artist. She and Henry have had an off-and-on relationship over the course of years.

To make matters worst Leigh seemed extremely unimpressed with Henry’s new tattoo shop and she tried to buck up on the old crew members. She used to be one “Black Ink Crew Chicago” favorite, but her negative energy lately has been turning fans off.

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