T-Pain’s Bizarre Tweet About Domestic Abuse Gets Him Skewered

t pain

(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

T-Pain’s hot takes on social media have not always gone over well and his latest one is no exception.

On Tuesday, June 19, he posted a scenario he urged each of his followers to engage in with their dads about domestic abuse.

“Look your dad in the eye for an extended amount of time in complete silence,” he tweeted two days after Father’s Day. “Wait for him to ask you what’s wrong and then say, ‘Have you ever hit mom?’ Watch his expression change. It’s not gonna be all but holy s— is it gonna be a lot?”


The response was critical against the “Buy You a Drank” performer.

“So you’re saying you hit your wife?”

“Yeah, this isn’t a good approach. I think he’s just trying to point out that misogyny & domestic violence are rampant. No one wants violence, addiction, any problems, etc in their family, but let’s be real, it’s all around.”

“Ewww…this is so telling. Apparently, abuse is rampant for you ‘n’ yours but I’ve never been with a man that’s laid a hand on me nor has my dad abused my mom. Are u ok? U sound unhinged.”

“Hi, I know that you’re busy and to be perfectly honest, I’m not familiar with your work (I saw this post as a retweet), but you’re very wrong here and you need to do some soul-searching.”

“*autotune voice* log off.”

Regardless of all the negative chatter, one Twitter user explained T-Pain’s likely reasoning for the post, which the rapper co-signed.

“I honestly feel like he’s just implying the shock of asking someone that question out of silence. Not that they’re actually doing it or have done it.. but I could be wrong though.”

“You’re right,” T-Pain responded.


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