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T-Pain Under Fire For Threatening to Kill Wife If She Cheats


Was it a joke or was he serious? Either way, T-Pain is being criticized for a message that he wrote to his wife Amber Najm about his love for her and cheating.

The first half of the message seemed pretty nice as the singer thanked his spouse for her devotion and sticking with him through the tough times.

“I love you so much, baby,” the message began. “I see people hating on us so much, and I bet they’ve never experienced love nowhere near the levels you give me. You’ve dealt with so much bullshit from me and came out of it a new woman with new goals and I can’t believe how dope you are. You are a gift from God, and I can confirm this from many different angles and proof.”

But it was the second part of the message that sparked the backlash.

If I catch you with another n—- I’m gonna kill both of y’all with a deadly weapon for sure, but I’ll leave you for last because I’m a f—– gentleman,” he wrote. “That’s how much I love you, lady. Enjoy the worship.”

Some viewed the message as confirmation of Pain’s love for his mate, but others said he shouldn’t be making jokes about domestic violence.

“T-Pain jokingly posted online that he would kill his wife with a deadly weapon … And people are like ‘Wow, real love,’” one woman wrote. “I’m sorry, but when did it become cute to joke about domestic violence? That’s a threat. That’s a possessive man. That’s scary.”

“Just because someone chooses to be with you doesn’t mean you own or possess them,” another person tweeted. “That T-Pain note to his wife was straight garbage. I love you so much I’ll kill you if you leave me? Nah.”

But one woman didn’t seem to mind the half joke, half threat. Instead, she had a problem with not only Pain, but men in general equating loyalty with suffering.

“I think it’s real sad how most of the time when we see a man post something appreciating his girlfriend [or] wife, it starts with how much pain she’s endured from them,” one woman wrote. “Actually, it’s kind of disturbing. What if you didn’t make the women in your life endure suffering as a metric for love? Imagine.”

The “I’m Sprung” crooner has since removed the post from Instagram, but folks are still weighing in, which you can see below.

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