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‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star Tommie Lee Brought to Tears As Staff Members Give Ultimatum to Remain on Show

Popular cast-mate and “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Atasha ‘Tommie Lee‘ Jefferson revealed in season 6 that she struggles with alcohol. During Monday’s episode, VH1 producers stepped in and addressed the star’s habit.

The Atlanta staff brought Tommie in their eastern production office where she sat down with a substance abuse expert Joe Schrank. She explained to the counselor that “alcoholism runs deep” in her family and that it’s “embarrassing.” The film crew believed her excessive drinking was the cause of her prior physical encounter with the Atlanta staff.

Jefferson was prohibited from filming with the rest of the cast due to her explosive confrontation with the Atlanta staff. According to VH1, she reportedly physically attacked producers and security behind the scenes and threatened to hurt them and their family members. Many of the crew members refused to work with the reality star and the executive producer Stephanie Gayle said Tommie was “spiraling.”

The reality star opened up to the substance expert and explained that alcohol helps her “cope with a lot of things going on in my life.

“I don’t really have support. To deal with the thoughts of my mom, not liking me, hating me and the stress that I’m going through with my brothers and sisters like how big my heart is and open to everybody– they don’t feel the same way about me so that kinda like hurts,” Tommie added.

Schrank told the reality star that in order for her to continue to film and be “a part of the show” she would not be allowed to drink on the show. He asked Tommie if she considered herself an alcoholic and she said, “No I don’t and I’m not.”

Jefferson added how important it is to “make her mother proud even if we don’t get along.”

Fans sympathized with Tommie and hoped that she receives the help she needs.

Other fans were not keen on the intervention and accused VH1’s Mona Scott-Young of exploiting Jefferson for television ratings.

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