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‘RHOA’ Stars Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams Clown Kim Zolciak-Biermann for Her New Song ‘Wig’

Kim Zolciak-Biermann debuted a new single over the weekend and two of her former RHOA co-stars Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille had differing responses to the song.

“OK you guys, so, are you ready?” Zolciak-Biermann excitedly shouts in a June 9 Instagram video. “Here is a little clip of my new song called ‘Wig’!”

The song, which is a dance-pop tune, takes its title from the shady nickname the “Tardy For the Party” star’s nemesis NeNe Leakes gave her based on Zolciak-Biermann’s penchant for wearing wigs.

When “Dish Nation” co-host Williams heard the song, she was less than impressed.

When Gary with Da Tea mentioned her song “Flatline,” Marcille pointed out “you can sing, though.”

“Yes, and my song was top three honey!” Williams replies, remarking on the song making it to no. 3 on the iTunes R&B charts in 2014.

Still, Marcille gave Zolciak-Biermann credit for cashing in on a diss.

“I do have to applaud her for making light of something that was said about her instead of wallowing or crying or being a victim,” she says. “She’s like ‘Let’s capitalize off it, let’s make some coins.'”

After Williams remarked that Bravo Housewives are notorious for capitalizing off of disses — whether it be t-shirts or otherwise — Marcille said she’d still be a bit petty if she runs into the mother of six.

“I’m so horrible because if I see her, I’m still gon’ be like, ‘K-I-M, I-M!’ It’s catchy! You can’t be mad at the catchiness.”

In response, several RHOA fans had their own thoughts to share.

“Like I said capitalize off it. That’s right Kim, get them coins. Let them keep playing with you🙄🙄🙄.”

“Love Eva’s reaction to the song.”

“Sooo she just gon casually lie to Porsha like that 🤷🏾‍♂️😂 I still be listening to ‘Flatline’ ctfu. S— be leaving me flatlined 💀.”

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