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Master P Gives Boogie Dash Some Tough Love Over Drinking Lean

In a clip from an upcoming episode of We TV’s “Growing Up Hip Hop,” Master P is issuing a troubling warning to Boogie Dash.

The bad boy son of Damon Dash has been abusing lean — a mixture of prescription cough syrup, a lemon-lime soda and hard fruit candies — and Master P has had enough.

“If you keep on drinking lean, all you’re gonna do is poison your body, you might end up dead,” Master P tells Boogie. “Straight up. Becuase from what he told me, if you got lean in [your dad’s] house, how you expect the man to feel?”

In a cut-away interview, Boogie wonders why his father has the No Limit CEO involved in his drug use. He also asserts if he does have an issue, he can solve it himself.

“You think that’s cool? So what if that man find you in his house OD’d or something?” Master P asks. “How would you feel if your little sister were doing that? If you don’t care about yourself, I’m just saying, think about it. … You gotta at least care about your family — especially your little sister.”

In his own interview, Master P said he doesn’t want Boogie to wind up dead and notes he’ll have to either understand the repercussions now or get a real-world wake-up call.

“I don’t care how you think or how you like it … you might end up dead and that’s what your dad’s trying to protect,” he says. “If one of my kids get out of the way and do that, I’m in that s—. I ain’t givin’ them a chance. That’s how much I love them — I know that’s how much that man loves you.”

Despite Master P understanding Dames’ concerns, he knows no one will change their habits unless they want to.

“This kid gon either end up dead or in prison,” he says in an interview.

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