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‘Welcome to Sweetie Pies’ Star Tim Norman Admits He Had No Intentions of Proposing to ‘Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams

It’s no secret that reality TV stars Tim Norman and Jennifer Williams have a contentious relationship and Norman dished on one aspect of it on Saturday’s episode.

And according to Norman, the whole post-breakup dust-up stemmed from an issue with a proposal that never came.

Williams filed for a temporary restraining order against Norman in March, alleging he was violent and threatening and stalked her to get eyes on “Welcome to Sweetie Pies.” Now, Norman recalled things were a “spectacle” when she called TMZ to show up at the courtroom as she was a granted restraining order against her ex-boyfriend.

“Every time I really try to get away from her, man, she would try to basically threaten me with, ‘Hey, nobody’s gonna believe you. Look at me, I’m gorgeous, I have this and I have this [and] that. I’m going to destroy you … You’re never gon work in this town again,” he says on the May 26 episode.

Norman wound up getting a restraining order against Williams, claiming she was the one who was violent. He said he wasn’t trying to hurt her but simply got the order to protect himself.

“At the end of the day she was really mad because she was expecting me to propose to her,” he says. “When she went ring shopping with Monique, I was like, ‘Man this ain’t that type of party.’ So that was really … the turning point for the both of us when I didn’t realize she was taking it that serious where it’s [love]. …I didn’t have feelings for her like that.”

In response, fans began taking sides.

“I’m not gonna lie but that b—- is crazy. I seen that last season. How come when Basketball wives first came on years ago she was all quite an innocent but those are the ones to watch out for, lol!”

“Jennifer and Tim were always a strange couple to me.”

“Buuuut you talking more about Jennifer than the new girlfriend.. Catch that eye roll from her towards the end lol.”

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