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New Details Emerge In Bitter Split Between’Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman of ‘Sweetie Pies’

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Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman split up in September 2017. (Thomas Concordia/WireImage for STYLE360/WireImage)

Jennifer Williams, the star of VH1’s “Basketball Wives,” has added a new witness in her quest to get a permanent restraining order against her ex-boyfriend James “Tim” Norman.

Williams’ attornies have added former pastry chef¬†Horace Hodges to their list of witnesses, according to a Friday, March 30 report from TMZ.¬† Hodges alleges, like Williams, that he had a violent encounter with the “Welcome to Sweetie Pies” star.

In 2017, Norman’s former co-worker filed a lawsuit for damages including impairment, mental anguish, physical disfigurement and pain after claiming Norman hurled a punch that damaged his left eye.

The update follows a Thursday report from the celebrity gossip website which saw Norman hit back at Williams’ temporary restraining order where he claimed her allegations of abuse are unfounded.

He claimed his ex-girlfriend was acting out of vengeance when she got the restraining order. Meanwhile, Williams alleged Norman was prone to violence and he refused to bend to the pressure of reality TV producers to propose to her.

And while Williams alleged Norman was trying to generate chatter about “Sweetie Pies,” he contended that she is the mean-spirited one. Among his allegations, he said she tried to run him over, became angry because he wouldn’t fund her business and stole his money.

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