Damon Wayans Posts Evidence of Fired ‘Lethal Weapon’ Co-Star’s Behavior

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After it was announced that “Lethal Weapon” actor Clayne Crawford would be replaced following bad behavior on set, his co-star Damon Wayans has unleashed on him.

Wayans, who plays Roger Murtaugh opposite Crawford’s Martin Riggs in the TV reboot of the hit movie franchise, posted a series of tweets detailing Crawford’s apparent actions. The posts came after Fox renewed “Lethal Weapon” for a third season Sunday, May 13 and announced “American Pie” actor Sean William Scott will fill the void.

The news led to outrage from his fans.

“#LethalWeapon — I don’t know what went on behind the scenes to cause #ClayneCrawford to lose his job,” someone said. “He was the main draw for me, so I am dropping this series #nothingpersonal.”


“Now that the fate of the show is solidified.. I’d like to address the TWITTER outrage with this video and image to follow. #directedby @ClayneCrawford,” Wayans tweeted Tuesday, May 15 before his account was disabled.

damon wayans twitter

The accompanying clip showed Wayans getting hit in the back of the head with a piece of shrapnel.

“How does the shrapnel from this hit me on the opposite side of the head? #directedby@claynecrawford,” the comedian tweeted.

damon wayans twitter

“Below is a rendering seeking to explain yesterday’s incident,” he said in another post giving an explanation for the hit. “It turns out there was a second shooter to Damon’s left, on the other side of the pillar behind which his character was crouched, which accounts for what he heard from his left side. @claynecrawford #NoApology.”

Wayans’ other evidence of Crawford’s alleged behavior included a photo of a sticker passed around on set that read, “Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist,” and a tweet saying, “He hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open.”

Wayans also called out the show’s studio, Warner Bros., for “not defending me at all.”

damon wayans twitter

“[B]ye to TWITTER and the weirdos who don’t understand set decor and [the] privilege it is to do what we do. Put up with this two seasons,” Wayans signed off. “Kiss the dark side of my ass if you don’t understand it wasn’t just me. @ClayneCrawford has a file of infractions. @WarnerBrosEnt #releasethetapes.”

Wayans’ posts follow Crawford issuing an apology for two incidents. One occurred when the actor got angry over apparently unsafe working conditions, which seems to have included Damon. Crawford met with HR and apologized for his part in the incident. He also completed studio-delegated therapy and gave a “sizable portion” of his paycheck to one of the people involved at Warner Bros.’ request. Another involved another actor feeling unsafe after getting hit with a piece of shrapnel while Crawford was directing.

“I take responsibility for the incident because I was in charge of the set,” Crawford wrote in an April 24 statement. “I absolutely love, respect, and care for my crew and cast and would never intentionally jeopardize so many jobs.

“I love the process of filmmaking and television,” he added. “It takes a village, and I am incredibly sorry if my passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on set or feel less than celebrated for their efforts. Furthermore, I apologize to all the crew and cast for any negative attention ‘Lethal Weapon’ is receiving because of these incidents.”



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