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Meek Mill Praised for Giving Kanye West This Advice

meek mill kanye

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Fresh off his release from prison two weeks back, Meek Mill has weighed in on fellow rapper Kanye West’s questionable remarks about slavery. Like many of West’s celebrity pals, Mill urged the prominent Donald Trump supporter to think about the facts.

“I talked to him myself,” Mill told CNN Tuesday, May 8 before his speech at the Innocence Project gala. “Just before you speak, think 10 times before you speak … make sure you’re educated about the things you’re speaking on and really addressing things in the proper way.”

West drummed up controversy last month when he posted several tweets backing Donald Trump, which were also affirmed in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God. Among the messages, West declared he and Trump had shared “dragon energy” and proudly showed off his signed “Make America Great Again” hat.

But major contention emerged when West told “TMZ Live” last week that slavery sounds “like a choice” after enslaved Africans remained in that state for 400 years.

“I think he mean well,” the Meek said, “but things just might be getting out of control. Sometimes I talk too fast myself, so who am I to judge? But you know, do what you need to do that makes you happy. We all got our own battles.”
In response, several users applauded Meek’s comments while others warned the rapper to stay away from Ye.
“Educate him well Meek Mill,” one person tweeted. “How can Kanye West say slavery is an option. So shallow minded he is. He also is a well fed-slave.”
“Meek Mill, leave that foolish Cow Kanye West to keep on fooling himself,” another posted.
“Kanye is BlaKKK and Meek Mill is Black,” someone else tweeted.
The Philadelphia rapper’s remarks follow his Wednesday, May 2 Instagram post where he referenced Ye’s single “Can’t Tell Me Nothin.'”
meek mill kanye
“To whom much is giving much is tested …. get arrested I guess until he get the message. I feel the pressure under more scrutiny and what I do ‘act more stupidly. #oldye #wemissyoubro them bars touched me in my cell,” Meek wrote in the now-deleted post.
The caption accompanied an image of Ye reading “R.I.P. ‘Old’ Kanye” with the dates “2.13.04” and  “9.11.07.” The former is the release date of West’s debut album, “College Dropout,” while the latter is when “Graduation” dropped.

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