Herschel Walker Thinks He Knows Why Colin Kaepernick Remains Unsigned In the NFL

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Herschel Walker said he commends Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protests but understands why the quarterback remains a free agent in the NFL.

Kaepernick has yet to be signed by an NFL team and Walker said he doesn’t blame the football teams as it appears to him that the former San Francisco 49ers’ player doesn’t want to compromise.

“I read where they asked him if he would still kneel if they hired him, and he said he wasn’t sure or he may, and that tells you right there that he doesn’t want to work,” Walker told TMZ Sports. “My point is, I think what he was doing was great.”

The former Cowboys player continued. “Right now I think he’s got to remember that you have teams saying, ‘If you do what we ask you to do, you may have a job.’ But he don’t wanna do it.”

Sources reported in April that the Seattle Seahawks postponed a scheduled workout after Kaepernick refused to say whether or not he would stop kneeling during the national anthem. However, Walker explained the free agent shouldn’t expect to be signed if he doesn’t plan on cooperating with NFL.

“I own a chicken company… If the guy that I hire don’t want to do what I ask him to do, why do I hire him? And I think that’s the problem right there, you know,” Walker said.

Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers’ in March 2017 and currently has a collusion grievance against the National Football League.

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