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Sources Claim Kaepernick’s Seahawks Workout Was Postponed Because He Lacked a ‘Firm Plan’ to ‘Handle Everything’

colin kaepernick training

Colin Kaepernick has been a free agent since 2017.(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks have reportedly spurned Colin Kaepernick’s workout after the athlete refused the team’s request to not continue his kneeling protest.

The football team contacted Kaepernick, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback, two weeks ago to join them for a workout at their center and possibly try out as a backup quarterback for star athlete Russell Wilson, TMZ reported. However, the trip came to a standstill once the Seahawks probed Kaep about his relentlessness national anthem protest.

The team wanted a guarantee that the NFL player would not continue to kneel during the 2018 football season if he was signed to a deal. Nevertheless, Kaepernick was “unwilling to give that assurance to them” and did not agree to that demand, Fox News reported. Sources say because of Kaepernick’s decision, his the trip was “postponed” according to TMZ, but now the SeaHawks have said otherwise.

However, NFL network’s Ian Rapoport said the NFL team postponed the 30-year-old’s workout due to there not being a “firm plan” in place and not because of Kaepernick’s refusal to end his protest.

Rapoport added that Seahawk coordinators “John Schneider and Pete Carroll” want to get together for a “later date when his plans are formed” and that the team has no problems with their players declaring their rights.

Unfortunately, a similar situation happened to 26-year-old safety Eric Reid, who also kneeled alongside Kaepernick during the anthem, where he was grilled by the Cincinnati Bengals’ owner Mike Brown. The team owner shocked Reid with his questioning about whether or not the football player planned to protest or not according to NY Daily News.

Reid said the conversation he had with Brown was not about football, but about the protest, although the 26-year-old made it clear that he no longer planned to kneel. Bengals’ head coach Marvin Lewis, reportedly told Reid, “Dude, if you want this job. I suggest you tell the owner that your kneeling days are over.” However, Reid made no definitive answers to the team’s staff.

Many believe both Reid and Kaepernick are being snubbed for exercising their rights on the field.

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