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Ciara Explains Why She Was ‘Worried ‘About Having a Girl


Ciara, Russell Wilson, and two children (Photo via Ciara’s Instagram page)

If there’s anyone who’s living their best life right now, it has to be Grammy Award-winning singer Ciara.

Despite the dramas that unfolded in her life such as her toxic relationship with rapper Future in 2014 and fighting a nasty custody battle over their son, the singer is leaving the past behind.

Ciara is appreciating the more simple things. “It’s been full of so much life and love,” she told E News in an exclusive interview Tuesday at Pandora Jewelry’s Mother’s Day Brunch.

The mother of two marvels over her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, their 1-year-old daughter Sienna and 3-year-old Future. She admitted to being a little nervous about having a little girl.

“I didn’t know what to expect and I’m such a tomboy that I was honestly kind of a little worried or curious about how I would do with a little girl,” Ciara said. She recalled a moment she viewed her kids playing and thought to herself “there’s just something sweet in the air. There’s something really sweet about how they are, they’re so delicate but she’s so tough at the same time. So that’s been really amazing to see and experience—it is a difference you know. It’s hard to describe, but you feel it. It’s been really fun.”

Wilson and Ciara began dating in 2015 and bonded over faith and love. The pair married on July 6, 2016 in Cheshire, England. The R & B artist said her husband has “been such an incredible father since day one.”

“He’s so loving and very patient. He also likes to have fun—he’s very spontaneous and we just have a good time as a family,” Ciara told the news source. “He inspires me, he’s so driven and very ambitious, and he’s always working hard whether he’s on the field or off the field. He’s always trying to make an impact in any way that he can. It’s really inspiring to watch and to have a partner that has that kind of ambition. I’m also a very ambitious person, I’m very driven…it really just flows.”

The “Promise” singer explained she’s enjoying her privacy, but tries to update her fans on social media. She conveyed “it’s about balance and “what feels good.”


Ciara (Photo via Twitter)

The happy mother and wife said she doesn’t exactly know what Wilson has planned for the upcoming’s Mother’s Day, but she’s looking forward to just spending time with her loving family.

“All I really want to do is just wake up to the love. Being surrounded by the love from him and Future and Sienna, that’s all I need.”

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