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Kanye West Issues Stern Rebuke to Naysayers, ‘I’m Not Scared Anymore’

kanye west

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Despite reports saying Kanye West’s recent behavior is concerning, a report claims wife Kim Kardashian’s family says the rapper “has never been better.”

West has been vocal about his support for Black conservative Candace Owens and President Donald Trump recently and the rapper’s apparent new political stance has his fans inner circle concerned.

However, a Kardashian source told The Blast that the family thinks Ye is “perfection” and although he’s gotten rid of his manager and attorney, the Kardashians believe his “new team” is great and say “all engines are blasting.” The source also said the rapper’s behavior is not unpredictable and mocked folks who think Ye might have a mental illness.

Still, others are concerned that Ye’s new team may not have his best interests at heart.

And amid People magazine reports that Ye has had huge fights with mother-in-law Kris Jenner and that his behavior is erratic, West and Jenner took to Twitter to strike those down.

Since stepping back into the Twittersphere following a hiatus, West has been addressing rumors head-on. One long-standing rumor is that West has fallen into the sunken place, where Black people retain a sliver of consciousness while being overtaken by white minds, since marrying Kardashian. The phrase became a key reference after the racial satirical thriller “Get Out” debuted last summer.



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