‘Another Black Family Torn Apart’ The Game’s Take on Fabolous’ Domestic Incident Is Not Well Received 

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Rapper The Game spoke on former collaborator Fabolous’ domestic violence issues and things got tense online. (Wikimedia Commons)

As Fabolous’ dust-up with girlfriend Emily B continues to make headlines, rapper The Game has given his two cents on the matter. However, the MC’s remarks weren’t well received.

“Another Black family [is] torn apart over social media,” he wrote in Instagram comments relating to his “Brooklyn to Compton” collaborator being charged with felonies of aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat. “And look at everyone so happy to see them in shambles. Forget how all this plays out for their two young boys going forward or their daughter whose father figure was just plucked from the family picture by culture vultures. Sad to see what the internet does to people’s sense of reality. We’re all guilty and the world is dying all around us but we’re too self-consumed.”

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However, many quickly chided The Game for apparently taking up for Fab, who allegedly punched Emily B seven times and, in an earlier altercation, smacked her in the face resulting in her losing her two front teeth.

“This wasn’t Fabulous’ first assault on her,” a commenter said. “He has a problem. What’s worse… having him beat the mother of his children in front of them or have him in prison for committing a crime?? Give me a break. BREAK THE CYCLE. IT’S NOT OK TO HIT, BULLY, MENTALLY ABUSE, OR THREATEN PEOPLE.”

“This is a prime example of how people (especially the Black community) can never take responsibility,” someone else said. “These two adults are both responsible for their own actions, not social media and it’s idiotic to account social media to it.”

Yet Game had a few people who backed him up.

“You’re absolutely right,” a commenter wrote.

“👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾,” someone else simply siad.

Still, Twitter users quickly eviscerated him.

“L. O. L. @ The Game saying social media tore Emily B && Fabolous’ relationship/family apart,” someone said. “Did social media knock her teeth out and threaten her life in front of their kids? Lol. Nah. Sit ya ass down. Fabolous did this. He’s the reason his kids might lose their father, dumbass.”

Taking notice of the heat, The Game posted a follow-up comment saying he was not excusing physical abuse.

“As expected, 90 percent of the comments missed my point, which was totally about the welfare of their children and our actions as ‘gasoline on an already burning fire,’ he said. “Just like all the people cheering for [Blac] Chyna to lose custody of her daughter ’cause she swung one plastic stroller [in the] air … Keep allowing social media to break down Black families … I was just sharing my opinion … as you were.”

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