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Omarion’s Ex Apryl Jones Accuses Him of Bad Parenting and Dares Him to Respond

Omarion Apryl Jones Parenting


You’ve surely seen it many times before.

One second a celebrity couple who’s expecting a child couldn’t seem happier. They’re posting pictures left and right, including that obligatory photo of the guy placing his hand on the woman’s stomach and everything seems just grand.

That is, until a few years later — or much sooner in some cases — when one person bashes the other, often on the same social page that he or she used to post all those happy pictures.

That’s exactly what Omarion’s ex Apryl Jones did when she accused the former B2K member of being a bad father to their two children A’mei and Megaa Grandberry.

“Sitting back on some people. Just because as you mature you realize not everyone is for you,” she wrote. “I don’t mind letting you go … You can’t make someone responsible. They either wanna parent or they don’t. And when they don’t I pray there is one parent who will.”

Then in separate tweets, Jones seemed to accuse the R&B singer of being spiteful towards her, because of what she’s doing career-wise.

In addition, The former “Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood” star said she won’t keep her feelings bottled up any longer and will share her feelings openly.

“Just ’cause I don’t give a f— to spare feelings,” she wrote to explain why she won’t be biting her tongue. “Can’t help you. You are who you are.”

Jones’ tweets comes at the same time that another former celebrity couple is going through some public drama.

Just a few days ago, Kevin McCall posted what some have called very disturbing messages after he claimed that Marcille has “legally kidnapped” their daughter.

Other celebrity couples that split quickly after having a baby and making a big announcement include Future and Ciara, Christina Milian and The-Dream, as well as Nas and Kelis.

Meanwhile, there are rumors swirling that Jones and Wiz Khalifa are exploring dating possibilities. The chatter began after they were discovered flirting on Instagram and Jones left the “Black and Yellow” rapper a kissing and winking emoji.

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