See Kevin McCall’s Harsh Response to Iyanla Vanzant After She Offers Advice

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Lately, Kevin McCall seems to be having a tough time with some life issues, and Iyanla Vanzant has reached out with some words of advice.

She sent him a message after he posted a few videos about his ex Eva Marcille and not being able to see their daughter Marley Rae. But McCall wasn’t interested in Vanzant’s message and blew her off, even though he appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” in 2016.

“Beloved, support is available to you,” wrote Vanzant. “You have received guidance. You have been given instructions. Be mindful of what you are creating again. Be mindful of what you are resisting again. C.I.A. Character, Integrity, Action. You get to choose.”

“Beloved, here is a seat,” responded McCall. “Let me guide you to have one. With all due respect #IgotchuKamiya, I’m in the middle of creating a beat. Let’s do lunch. On @OWNtTV credit card of course. #ACoonsGottaEat, right?”

He then sent Vanzant another message and wrote: “U know it’s all love.”

The singer and producer also denied that he physically abused Marcille, which is something she accused him of on VH1’s “Scared Famous.”

“I was fortunate as a victim of domestic violence to pick myself up and try to figure it out, but everybody doesn’t have that luxury,” she stated.

In 2014, Marcille said the “Deuces” singer threatened to punch her in the face and chased her around the house in an attempt to take Marley.

Since that time, McCall said he’s been looked at as a spousal abuser and now feels his life is in danger.

“I’ve got people every day, when I’m walking down the street, people think I’m a woman beater. I’m in fear of my life,” he said on Instagram. “Imagine if you had a son, right? Or a brother or any male that you’re really close to is being lied on and the whole world thought he was a woman beater. Wouldn’t he be in fear of his life? Don’t you know n—– will kill him?”

McCall then spoke directly to Marcille and accused her of being vindictive because of their split.

“So Eva Marcille Pigford, I’m sorry I dumped you,” he said. “I’m sorry I left you, and I kept a four bedroom apartment, and when I got evicted you got sued as well. I’m sorry you were mean to my daughter Genesis when I left you. But don’t lie on me … When I say my mental health, I’m talking about my patience with you motherf—ers. Ya’ll playing with my kids. I’m not crazy but I’ll still f— you up.”

The California-raised singer is surely no stranger to controversy, nor public spats since he went toe-to-toe with Chris Brown a while back on social media. At the time, all kinds of threats were exchanged but fortunately, nothing ever spilled offline.

This time around, McCall has offered to fight Marcille’s brother Malcolm Pigford over his daughter but also offered to have a talk with all of the men in their family.

Then in another Instagram message, the R&B singer said despite all his confrontational posts, he’s really a nice guy but again, will do whatever it takes to see his child.

“I keep trying to warn y’all about my mental stability as it pertains to my children being legally kidnapped,” he said. “They are keeping my children away from me, and I can’t do anything in court … After a while, somebody just gonna get hurt because my babies are hurting without me and vice versa. Im’a hurt someone. Help out if you don’t want this to end tragically.”

Marcille is currently engaged to lawyer Michael Sterling — who’s she expecting a child with — and said he’s now Marley’s father, not McCall. 

“I have full custody of my daughter and her dad is Michael Sterling, so he is a blast from the past and a memory,” she told Essence about her ex.

You can see some of McCall’s tweets below and other video messages.

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