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Watch Desus & Mero Clown DJ Envy For Leaving Interview, Fans Join In

The co-host of nationally syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club” became the butt of a series of nationwide jokes after he confronted comics Desus and Mero on-air Thursday, March 15.

“You can talk about me all day, you can make jokes with me but when it comes to my wife and my family, it’s a little disrespectful,” he said of Desus’ comment in February that his wife only stuck around for his money. “And you should know that. ‘Cause you got kids and a wife.”

Yet despite Envy going on to clear the air, Desus and Mero went on to clown him on their Viceland show, proclaiming they showed up and got “nothing but light-skinned feelings.”

“It’s almost at the super combo!” Mero said of the “Beige Rage” meter in the corner of “The Breakfast Club” interview, which was measured Envy’s increasing anger.

“You went on TV dressed like you going to Essence Fest, you talking about your messiness —”

“My man got on a satin jacket, you think we wasn’t gon mess with you?” Desus interjects. “You look like a sexy waiter.”

And it wasn’t just Desius and Mero who were poking fun at Envy. Lots of Twitter users joined in too.

Additionally, someone edited Envy’s and “The Breakfast Club” Wikipedia pages, with Envy being replaced by the comic duo on the latter. Both pages have since been edited back to their original forms.

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