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DJ Envy Sets the Record Straight on Why He Walked Out of Interview, Shares MC Hammer Comment That Inspired the Dust Up


After DJ Envy walked out of an interview with Desus and Mero Thursday, March 15, “The Breakfast Club” host has explained what led him confront the duo for talking about his wife.

On Thursday, March 15, the host said he was inspired by an MC Hammer line when dealing with the comics.

He explained when he co-hosted the Hot 97 morning show with Miss Jones a decade earlier, the staff had been making fun of the rapper, who they had been scheduled to interview, all morning. And when Hammer showed up, he said, “You know what? Say another joke. I’m here to test a coward’s heart.”

Envy used the same line when facing Desus and Mero earlier when it came to them taking aim at his wife.

“They made fun of it, which was fine, making fun of me, but then, when they insinuated my wife was only there for the checks, that was the problem,” Envy later explained to TMZ. “I couldn’t believe that they would even say something like that — especially somebody I considered friends and that’s why I had to check ’em.”

Adding that he didn’t want to end things in a joking manner, Envy noted there was no beef and that the comic duo is welcome on the show again.

“I wanted it to be known that this was serious,” he continues. “It wasn’t staged, it wasn’t a joke. This was something that was true to my heart.”

But according to fellow New York morning show host Ebro of “Ebro In the Morning,” things were staged.

“Envy walked off his own show? 🤣🤣🔥…. Amazing marketing!” Ebro tweeted. “The Viceland x iHeart promo machine working overtime…. Desus & Mero nicest people too!! 🤣🤣🔥”

When Joe Budden chimed in to ask if Ebro genuinely thought it was staged, Ebro remained firm.

“It was staged when u walked off here too…. U knew it would get promo,” Ebro replied.

However, Envy maintained that his walkout was in fact real.

“Smh… You of all people know me…,” he said. “You was there the last time some 1 said something crazy about my family… And @JoeBudden we spoke about it.. we don’t need the marketing.”

“I was about to tell Ebro that this wasn’t staged,” Budden said in response.

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