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Rick Ross Urgent 911 Call Released as Rapper Sends Message to Fans

Rick Ross sent his first message to fans after being hospitalized.  The rapper posted on Instagram an image of his back turned, a bottle in one hand, with the caption “Ain’t nothing like home 🙏🏼. I love y’all – WLR”

Rick Ross was recently hospitalized reportedly for respiratory issues that actually turned out to be heart-related. TMZ reported Ross had to be admitted into two different hospitals, having been transferred from one to another.

Fans seem to be very happy that the rapper is back home and seemingly better conditions.

“Welcome home boss!! we love you!!! ❤❤🙏🏾🔥 @richforever”

“Take it easy brother, some good moves you’re making lately keep it up homie”

“Glad you ok , take care ❤”

“❤❤❤❤…. Glad you’re feeling better… #theBOSS

“Speedy recovery Boss🙏”

Although the rapper is home, TMZ recently released the urgent 911 call about the health scare. The caller confirmed that it was Rick Ross, “He’s like 43.. William Roberts.” He continued, “He’s in and out.”




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