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Vivica Fox Supports Black Panther Petition to Give Back to Black Community, Gary Owen Thinks Otherwise

Everyone has been raving about “Black Panther” and its all Black cast. While everyone is focused on the positive impact the visual representation in the film could provide a petition has been growing in popularity that’s demanding a bit more. When asked about a petition that’s requesting 25% of the proceeds from the film go back to the Black community, actress Vivica A. Fox had nothing but positive things to say. “I think that’s an excellent idea,” she told TMZ. “Why not? The community will be so supportive of them. When you give back, blessings continue to come.”

Not everyone was on board the “give back to the Black community train,” however. Comedian Gary Owen, who recently inserted himself in actress Mo’Nique’s beef with, well everybody, had other thoughts when asked for his opinion on the petition. “It’s not their [Marvel and Disney] responsibility…just enjoy the movie,” he started. The “Think Like a Man” actor continued, “It’s not their job.. to give every bit of their proceeds to different charities.” He then said that people should just be appreciative of the Black representation in the film, “If this movie does well, it opens doors for other movies like it.. we’ve never seen like an all Black cast superhero movie.”

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