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Mo’Nique Fires Back at Comedian Gary Owen After He Slams Her for Bashing Will Packer, Packer Chimes In


After Mo’Nique released a series of heated email exchanges between her manager-husband Sidney Hicks and film producer Will Packer, comedian Gary Owen feels she’s gone too far. And while Packer himself has backed Owen up, Mo’Nique says Owen doesn’t know the truth.

After rattling off a list of people Mo’Nique has gone after about her career — including Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Netflix, which she’s launched a boycott against — Owen says she went too far when she wrangled in his pal, Will Packer.

“That’s my friend, that’s my homeboy,” Owen says on Instagram Monday, Feb. 5. “Will Packer’s done more for Black actors and actresses than just about anybody in the last 10 years. I mean, he is basically showing Hollywood that Black movies have a mainstream market.”

Owen added that Packer’s films like “Girls Trip,” “Takers,” and “Think Like A Man” show he’s “basically changing the game” but yet, he said, Mo’Nique claims Packer is against her.

“He put you in a movie — ‘Almost Christmas’ — when nobody was putting you in movies and he stuck his neck out and he went to bat for you and now you’re throwing him under the bus,” he says. “I’m not gonna sit back and let you slander my friend’s name like that. Will Packer is a good, good person. … Sometimes you gotta take accountability for yourself: it’s you! It’s you! What can you do to change things? Stop blaming everybody for your s—, man. C’mon, Mo’Nique. S—- getting old.”

Packer seemed to appreciate that Owen was in his corner, commenting that he “can understand when [actors’] behavior is…less than desirable sometimes. But you’re only as strong as your representation.”

He then seemed to go in on Mo’Nique’s husband-manager.

“If you choose to have someone speak for you that damages your relationships in this industry…that’s YOUR fault. No one else’s.”

Packer concluded his comment by telling Gary to “get ready for the church grandma curse out ‘My Love.’ #ILoveUsForReal,” apparently mocking Mo’Nique’s catchphrases.gary owen mo'nique

Turns out Packer was right and soon Mo’Nique took to Twitter to clap back at Owen on. She echoed her remarks on Periscope later that day. So far, Owen has not responded.

“Brother Gary. Please know what you speak about before you speak on it,” she tweeted. “Check the emails and the EXPLOSIONS for yourself brother.

“I’ve blamed no one,” she said in a follow-up post. “JUST TOLD THE TRUTH. I know that may be scary for you. IF YOU DONT STAND FOR SOMETHING YOU WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING. That choice is yours. Remember that YOUR FAMILY IS WATCHING YOU.”

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