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Veronica Vega Blasted Online After Proclaiming Anyone with a ‘Struggle’ Is a N****


Singer Veronica Vega was confronted on Monday night’s “Love & Hip Hop Miami” for her past use of the N-word and her excuse has to be heard to be believed.

Trina brought up Vega’s n-word dropping on her 2015 single, “Pay Me,” where she raps, “Hatin’ ass ho, I slap that b—- / N—– ain’t s—, n—– ain’t s—.”

“It’s a conversation culturally that just always evolves and just keeps on going,” Vega explains. “Like, what permits me the ability to say certain things in a certain culture? Like, why am I not? Because my skin isn’t dark enough? But when I walk into a room full of white motherf—– guess what happens? They treat me like an ‘other.'”

In a confessional, Vega explained further.

“Anytime you’ve been discriminated against, that struggle of being treated different, [a] minority, you a n—–,” she says. “Look at all these motherf—– in Puerto Rico right now with no power after this hurricane happened, they a n—–. … [Trina being Trina] me being me, Steph being Steph, we all n—–.”

Vega told Trina that she doesn’t owe it to anyone to explain that her great-grandmother is from Africa.

Then, the Liberty City, Fla., native explained in her own confessional that Vega’s roots in Hialeah, Fla., — a city reported is 96 percent Hispanic — makes her feel that she’s part Black.

“That’s her business,” Trina concluded.

But what Twitter users latched onto was Vega’s explanation that going through a struggle makes a person the n-word.

“The fact that Veronica said everyone who struggled is a n—-,” one person remarked. “She deserves to be slapped. Notch don’t you ever disrespect us like that.”

“Stop saying the N-word bitch, that’s not for you,” tweeted someone else.

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