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LHHMIA: Juju Lights Up Young Hollywood Over Color Bias Against Amara La Negra


“Love & Hip Hop New York” alum Juju paid a visit to the 305 to assist pal and singer Amara La Negra in her ongoing battle with Young Hollywood and she ended up schooling him on the importance of embracing blackness.

The producer became a “Love & Hip Hop Miami” trending topic earlier this month when he dissed Afro-Latina Amara’s afro, saying she needed the elegance of Beyoncé. Noticing Amara’s continued frustration, Juju hit up Young Hollywood at the opening of Amara’s hair photoshoot gallery.

“I do have something to do with this issue because Amara is my friend,” Juju fires off on the Monday, Jan. 29 episode at the 1:39 mark. “She came to you because she heard that you’re a good producer and the first thing you do is judge her on her appearance … Did you ask her about her music? What gives you the right? It’s already hard enough being an Afro-Latina woman, people tell you, ‘Oh you’re too dark, oh your hair is this.'”

Young Hollywood accused Juju of playing the race card, leading Juju to hit back and say he had bias against Amara because of her dark skin. He finally left the opening, leaving behind a disappointed Amara.

“There’s a big majority of Latinos that are very racist amongst ourselves,” Amara says in a confessional. “I really stopped trying to fit into what society considers beautiful.”

But it turns out the producer had a change of heart and came back to apologize to Amara in private.

“I wanna re-apologize to you,” he says. “I’m just a person that has no filter and I respect your opinion because you know how you wanna be spoken to. What I said, I was just trying to be a little bit open. Maybe it came out wrong. Obviously, it did come out wrong because I offended you and I don’t want you to think about me that way because that’s not what it is. It really isn’t.”

The two hugged it out and Amara expressed hope in a confessional “that maybe I opened his eyes to the fact that there’s so much more to me as a person and an artist than the color of my skin.”

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