#MoNiqueChallenge Takes Off After Comedian Tries to Prove She’s Worth More Than $500K


Mo’Nique’s plea for a Netflix boycott has resulted in one of the internet’s newest challenges. (Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

As Jada Pinkett Smith rallied behind Mo’Nique for standing up for her worth, comedians have latched on to the comic’s plea to boycott Netflix. Spurred by Gary Owen Saturday, Jan. 20, many comedians have begun uploading their own takes on the clip. Is it a cheap shot or is this all in good fun?

“Hello, my loves,” Owen says, emulating Mo’Nique’s video where she said she was only offered $500,000 for a Netflix special compared to Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock’s $20 million. “I would like all of you to join me in boycotting Telemundo. Recently, I pitched a comedy special, and they said no due to racial, gender and language bias. They said they’re a Spanish speaking network and I don’t speak Spanish. So, they wouldn’t give me a special.”

Since her initial video, however, Mo’Nique has continued to make her point known.

“The reason why I’m asking that we boycott Netflix is because when Netflix says I am a legend, Amy Schumer says Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock are legends, and I shouldn’t get what they’re getting and if you put out resume’s side-by-side and the tenure,” she told “Sway In The Morning” Friday, Jan. 19.

Still, comics haven’t let up on her with Comedian J Why making a case for boycotting amusement parks for “height, weight and size bias” and Atlanta-based director-producer Erik Dillard’s urging to boycott all awards ceremonies.

“I’m asking that you stand with me as I boycott every awards program that has not given me an award even though they don’t know who the hell I am,” he said.

While at least one Instagram user found Owen’s clip unfunny, many others eagerly laughed at #MoNiqueChallenge.

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