5 of Dave Chappelle’s Most Iconic Political Moments, Happy 44th Birthday

As one of the greatest comedians of the past two decades, Dave Chappelle has never shied away from politics. From his sketches to his offstage interviews, Chappelle has made politics in the past several years — and especially months — a lot more interesting.

In celebration of the star’s 44th birthday, let’s applaud his acumen for hilariously commenting on the governmental state of affairs.

(Comedy Central)

Two Words: Black Bush

In the height of the President George W. Bush era, Dave Chappelle debuted the Black Bush sketch on his iconic “Chappelle’s Show.” The former president wasn’t known as the most eloquent speaker and his policies, including his lengthy war efforts, came under fire. With Black Bush, Chappelle explored how such quotes and methods would be received if Bush were a Black man. The result was some hilariously memorable quotes. (“The n—- tried to kill my father!” “Stankonia said they’re willing to drop bombs over Baghdad.”)

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