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‘LHHMIA’ Viewers Slam Producer After He Says Amara La Negra’s Afro Isn’t ‘Elegant’

On the debut episode of “Love & Hip Hop Miami,” producer Young Hollywood wasn’t feeling the big afro sported by singer Amara La Negra. The Afro-Latina star has broken down barriers by sharing her narrative in the Caribbean. So it came as no surprise that she wanted to continue to sport her afro while crossing over into the American market. However, Hollywood advised against it, and Twitter users were not pleased.

“You can see Beyoncé just like this, soul sister, the same way you can see her come in a beautiful gown, elegant, breathtaking,” Hollywood says on the Monday, Jan. 1 episode.

When Amara asked if he meant she can’t be elegant with an afro, he responds, “Yeah, I guess so.”

The remark got the Dominican singer heated and she exclaimed in a confessional that “a lot of people like to box me in because of my look or because I’m dark-skinned,” she added.

While speaking to Hollywood, Amara said she wanted to dispell the notion that all Latinas look like Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara and Shakira.

“I’m extremely proud of my brown skin,” she said in a confessional. “I’m proud of my color, of the way that my hair curls. I’m proud of who I am and nobody’s gonna take that way from me. Not even Hollywood with his stupid ass comments!”

She told Hollywood he was seeking a producer who “can open a new door in the Latin industry even if I look a certain way.”

Then, Young Hollywood apologized to Amara but it fell flat (he called her a “Nutella Queen”) and she ultimately stormed out.

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On the web series “Check Yourself,” the producer explained he may want to have Amara try different looks — from a bob to some braids — but he knew he was going to be criticized for his comments about being “elegant.”

“They’re gonna attack me for that,” he said.

And he wasn’t wrong.

But Amara is the one who’s winning. Billboard magazine reported she landed a multi-album record deal with Fast Life Entertainment Worldwide and BMG.

“I’m still in shock,” she said in a statement. “At times, I am caught pinching myself because there is a part of me that still is in awe of being signed to a franchise that will heighten my success. It is a feeling of a different level of hunger because I have prayed for this so much that it feels unreal!”

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