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Waka Flocka Gives Up ‘Militaristic’ Vegan Lifestyle In Favor of Conscious Eating

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has officially dropped his vegan card.

In an interview with TMZ, Flocka explained the recent decision to ditch his strict vegan diet, but noted that he is still very much conscious about what he puts into his body. The vegan lifestyle is just too “militaristic,” the rapper said, before comparing the V-hive to the police.

“I’m not the vegan they want me to be,” Flocka told the entertainment news outlet. ” … They’re tryna make it too, too natural — like you can’t wear designer clothes ‘cuz you’re vegan or you can’t eat honey. That’s crazy. It’s going too far, in my opinion.”

The “It’s a Party” rapper reiterated his views on veganism in a recent sit-down with PAPER magazine, where he explained that he’s struggled with being the labeled poster-child for vegans.

“I think the public scared me from being vegan. I got so conditioned, I got blinded from what’s really vegan. I got conditioned to just reading the label, and somebody says it’s vegan, so therefore it’s healthy. And it really wasn’t vegan…” Flocka continued, “I’m at a crisis with myself. I’m at a battle with myself right now when it comes to this,” he said. “What I call myself now is a conscious eater, meaning I’m conscious about the things I put in my mouth, and about the things that I drink.”

“I think saying that I’m a vegan is like putting a title on me,” Flocka continued. “I’m making myself sound like I’m better than somebody else. If I’m saying I’m vegan and you’re not vegan, what does that make you? A sloppy motherfucker? It fucks with me.”


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